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Committed to development of quality medicine under reasonable price.


here are the company guideline of conduct which is hold by the board of directors and all staffs who are committed to satisfy customers need:

1. Be faithful in company policy and continually develop management system for flexibility.

2. Advance the efficiency of production for best quality medicine.

3. Focus on product quality which needs to meet the requirements of Food and Drug committee organization.

4. Manage the efficiency of macro-quantity buying of best-quality ingredients for producing fine-quality product, offering in fair price

    and matching with customer needs.

5. Tools and machines maintenance for competent and long-term usage.

6. Constantly, whether directly or indirectly, grow good conscious and teach the staffs skills and knowledge in order that they realize

    their capability to work on the assigned tasks with respect to customer and company policies.

7. Satisfy customer by means of delivering product on time, with reasonable price and creating good relationships between customer

    and the company.

8. Increase efficiency of the company in order to become a leading pharmaceutical company, both in quality and innovation.

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